The method taught by Fertility Care Scotland is called the Billings Ovulation Method® and it is used by couples world-wide.

For over 40 years Fertility Care Scotland’s trained personnel have taught couples to use this method both for the Achievement of Pregnancy and also for the Postponement of Pregnancy. The Billings Ovulation Method® teaches women to recognise the fertile and infertile phases of their menstrual cycle by observing the presence of mucus and by reading the body’s natural sensations. This can be done regardless of length or regularity of the cycle.

The tuition given by Fertility Care Scotland is on a one to one basis and teaches a woman to understand and appreciate her fertility. This fertility awareness allows women the option of managing their fertility naturally. A woman is taught to interpret her natural signs of fertility through all her changing life stages from puberty to menopause.

The Method is taught on an individual to couples and it is essential to arrange attendance by appointment.

The initial interview takes approximately 1 hour to 1 and half hours when a certified tutor will explain the method and give clients written material including a chart for them to fill in. The interview is private and confidential.

The Method is suitable for all couples regardless of them having a faith belief or no belief. The only requirement is that they love one another.

It would be of great benefit if both partners are present at the initial interview, although it is appreciated this is not always possible, however it is recommended.

Following the initial interview, and assuming the clients wish to participate in the Method, arrangements will be made to hold follow ups meetings every 2 weeks until clients are confident in progressing with support. The follow up meetings involve interpretation of the chart and usually take half an hour. Again, both partners are encouraged to attend.

The Method does require some necessary abstinence initially for 2 weeks while clients learn how to observe the cervical mucus and discover patterns of infertility and fertility throughout a menstrual cycle. This is very empowering - to discover that a woman can be in control of her fertility without drugs and devices and be free from side effects.

After the initial abstinence then the clients will follow 3 simple rules to avoid/achieve pregnancy. This will all be explained to clients during the follow up meetings in detail and of course there will always be an opportunity to ask questions in complete confidence.

The instruction is free although some additional cost maybe incurred if clients choose to obtain additional written material. The Scottish branch of the Billings Method is run through a Scottish Charity called Fertility Care Scotland. Any donations to this charity will enable more tutors to be trained and more clients to be supported. Donations are by no means compulsory but would be most welcome.
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